Camp Grizzly: A session report…

Jody, Karen, C.J. and Kevin were the counselors on that fateful night.

Jody was the loner of the group and left the camp fire first that night.  He headed over to Beaver cabin, and found the little Angela.  She couldn’t sleep and while against Jody’s better judgement, he let her tag along.

Karen wanted to check up on Jody and wound up leaving shortly later to follow him and make sure he was alright, so she headed over to Beaver Cabin as well. When she saw he was with a camper, she continued to make her way to the girls shower.   Though she had an awful feeling that she was being watched. (Killer’s Obsession Plot Twist)

C.J. was feeling tired and decided to head to Beaver Cabin to retire for the night, where he stumbled upon a Instant Camera.

Kevin waited a bit longer at the camp fire, making sure that it was going to go out without causing any problems and then headed over to the Dining hall to see if he could find anything to eat.  There was a broken window in the Dining hall, and because there was a sense of dread in the air, he grabbed a Shard of Glass just to be safe.

Our Killer made his way to the campfire, only to find out that all of the counselors had already left for the night.

Jody talked Angela into walking over to the Commons with him where, they heard a scuffle in the distance.  It was Karen they heard screaming when OTIS STRIKED (Killer’s obsession card).  Luckily she was ‘Scrappy’ enough to make her way through the encounter unscathed.

Jody decided to take a forest route even though it was pitch black out, and luckily enough, made her way to Morris’ Office to acquire the Keys.

C.J. made his way over to the Commons to meet up with Jody who had Angela in tow.  And ‘Search the Cabin’  finding the Meat Cleaver.

After not having any luck finding something to sooth his munchies, Kevin made his way back to the Campfire to make sure it had gone out completely.  He stumbled over a pair of old ‘Running Shoes’ and picked them up.

Our Killer reappears at the Swimming area and starts to make his way towards the dining hall.

Jody decides that it’s best to stay put and looks around the commons some more.  He was ‘Horrified’ to find a murdered counselor in ‘The Time Out Chair’.

Karen moves out of Morris’ Office  into the Commons and makes her way over to Beaver Cabin.  She’s exhausted and grabs the ‘Swivel Chair’ only to find a counselor with a slit throat, she becomes ‘Horrified’.

C.J. was always attracted to Karen, so he quietly made his way out of the Commons and headed over to Beaver Cabin to meet up with her.  Where, much to his dismay he met up with Morgan, one of the Campers that had given him trouble earlier in the day.

Kevin decided that he would check on Li’l Cub Cabin, Where OTIS STRIKES (Chiseled Features) and he decides to ‘Scream for Help’ attracting the attention of his best friend C. J.   Otis and C.J. battle it out, but luckily for C.J. his ‘Meat Cleaver’ came in handy and he was able to fight Otis off and our killer disappears only to…

Show up in Beaver Cabin with Karen, Karen isn’t as lucky as Kevin and C.J, as she takes a wound and panics moving towards the campfire.

Jody decides that he’s going to move over to Morris’ Office to see if he can find anything useful, determined to find something helpful he finds a ‘Axe’ in the closet.

Karen, nursing her wound decides to head over to Buck Cabin, to see what’s been locked away there.  She finds ‘Timmy Teddy’ and starts to wonder why all this madness has happened.

C.J. ever persistent heads back over to Buck Cabin in an attempt to meet up with Karen again, where he finds a ‘Flashlight’.

Kevin is still shook up from his experience and decides to stay at Li’l Cub cabin and hope that Karen and C.J. will head over.  While he’s waiting, little Kimberly crawls out from under her bed and runs over to him.

Otis heads to the Commons as it’s the middle ground between both Karen who’s with C.J and Jody in Morris’ Office.

Jody attempts to find the forest path over to the Girls Shower and fails., when a ‘Fire!’ breaks out, it fire catches his arm and he receives a burn.

Karen attempts to ditch C.J. and heads through the forest trail over to Li’l Cub Cabin and up to the Sports Cage because she has the keys.  She remembers ‘Safety First’ and is able to think of a ‘Diversion’ that she may be able to use later.

C.J. decides to follow the forest path but stays in Li’l Cub Cabin with Kevin.  It’s there he discovers that he must have had a ‘Hole in his Backpack’ and realizes that he lost his ‘Instant Camera’.

Kevin has had enough waiting around and decides to head to the Tool Shed to see if he can find anything that explains what’s going on.  It’s there where Kevin is ‘Chased!’  Otis just catches him with his claw and Kevin takes a wound, he heads to the campfire and is able to outrun Otis and head down to the Dining hall.

Otis reappears at Buck Cabin and decides to move towards C.J. Where he catches him in the doorway, C.J wins using his ‘Meat Cleaver’ to drive Otis away yet again.

Jody tries to make his way from the fire and safely makes it out and into the Commons area.  Just when he thought he was safe, he and Angela were dragged ‘Into the Woods’.  Angela pulls out her friend ‘Mr Slicey’ and decides to take on Otis and is able to drive him off.  They make their way through the woods and pop back out at Beaver Cabin.

Karen heads to the Game Room, where OTIS STRIKES, with her quick reflexes she tosses ‘Timmy Teddy’ towards Otis and is able to move back over to Li’l Cub Corner.

C.J. heads to the dining room, just as he does so he hears Otis and must take this ‘Window of Opportunity’ which he does to try to escape to the woods.  Just when he thinks he’s in the clear out in the woods, OTIS STRIKES and this time his trusty ‘Meat Cleaver’ isn’t enough to save him, he takes a wound and stumbles away from Otis.

Kevin stays in the dining hall and is able to find a Crowbar!

Otis barrels out of the woods and approaches Buck Cabin and moves towards Karen in Li’l Cub Cabin and strikes, because she’s still determined and ‘Scrappy’ she is able to fend Otis off.

Jody makes his way down to the Girls Shower where he finds the First Aid Station!!

Karen heads to the Dining Hall when a ‘Blackout’ occurs, which makes all counselors but C.J. with his trusty flashlight, horrified.

C.J. is still wandering the woods trying to get out and he finally appears at Li’l Cub Cabin. Where he finds a short cut which allows him to move to the Tool Shed.

Kevin stays in the Dining Hall with Karen, where he proceeds to tell her that ‘Tonight’s the Anniversary.  It’s been fifteen years since Jeremy Played his final prank.”

Otis appears at the end of a trail at the Tool shed and strikes C.J. He was able to best Otis one more time with his ‘Meat Cleaver’.

Jody decides to stay at the Girls Shower and heals a wound with the First Aid kit.

Karen heads over to Bunny Cabin, unlocking the door to find a dead camper.  (+1 Body Count)

C.J. is able to restart the generator at the tool shed, helping everyone ditch their horrified feelings.

Kevin heads up to the Campfire where he is able to find the ‘Crank’.

Otis appears at the Swimming area again and makes his way over and through the dinning hall.

Jody heads up through Braver Cabin and into the Commons, where he runs into ‘Lunchbox’.  Jody is having a bad enough night, but now he has to drag around two of these brats with him.

Karen moves out of Bunny Cabin and over to the Girls Shower where she is able to heal one of her injuries with the First aid kit.

C.J. heads from the Tool Shed up to Buck Cabin, where he finds an Acoustic Guitar.  This is where Kevin meets up with him, and is able to avoid any disasters for now. (Finds Practice Target).

Otis makes his way across the camp and to Buck Cabin to Strike!  Kevin is able to use his Crow Bar to ward off the attack and drive Otis away.

Jody and his pack of brats moves over to Buck Cabin to meet up with C.J and Kevin when he finds the 8 Track Player.  Karen meets up with the Gang at Buck Cabin just as the ‘Downpour’ starts.

C.J. heads up to the Boys Shower and finds the ‘Safety First’ manual.  Kevin heads out of Buck Cabin, past the campfire and over to Li’l Cub Cabin in an attempt to make it over to the stables eventually.  It’s there that he encounters ‘Detective Haddon’.

Otis reappears at the Tool Shed and immediately heads to Li’l Cub Cabin to Strike.  Haddon is immediately killed and Otis attacks Kevin.  Otis catches Kevin in the leg and he panics moving away.

Jody hears Kevins scream and makes his way over to Li’l Cub Cabin and encounters Otis with his Axe.  He blasts Otis with his Axe, but as Otis makes his departure he can’t unlodge the Axe from him.  The Axe is now lost forever.

Karen heads down to the dining hall, in hopes of finally making it to the kitchen, but becomes lost in the woods.

C.J. heads back to Buck Cabin, where he finally gets his chance to ‘Fool around’ with Karen, he knows it’s a bad idea to tempt fate but as the only virgin counselor, he decides to go ahead with it anyway.  (Nothing happens when I draw 1 card)

Kevin makes his way over to the Game Room, where OTIS STRIKES.  Otis uses his claw to unleash another strong attack and Kevins ‘Crowbar’ is useless.  Kevin Panics and heads towards the stables.

Otis stalks down Kevin in the pouring rain and strikes again, this time burying his claw into the other leg, Kevin panics again and makes his way stumbling back to the game room.  It’s not looking good for Kevin at this point.

Jody meets up with Kevin at the Game Room.  “Holy shit man, you look bad, real bad.”  That’s where they encounter ‘Head Counselor Morris’.  Head Counselor Morris shuffles off the two campers that have been clinging to Jody and Otis appears.  He immediately strikes down Head Counselor Morris, then attacks Jody.  Jody is caught by the claw in the shoulder and gains a grievous wound, panicking he runs to the stables.  Otis knows a wounded counselor when he sees one and goes straight for Kevin, but in his desperation Kevin is able to fight Otis off with his crowbar.

Jody cleans herself up and heads down to the dining room after her time spent with C.J, while shes making her way she notices a ‘Heavy fog’ start to fill the camp.

C.J. uses the forest trail to make his way over to Li’l Cub Cabin, it’s there that Otis stabs him from the shadows and disappears.  (Bleed Out).

Kevin makes his way from the game room up to the Stables, where he finds a rain slicker.  If he had only found this a few hours ago.

Otis returns at the swimming area and makes his way towards Karen in the dinning hall, he’s close, very close.

Jody finally makes his way far enough into the stables only to discover… another dead counselor.

Karen has had enough and instead of running, she confronts Otis.  Her gamble this time works and she fights Otis off.

C.J. just moves closer to the Li’l Cub Cabin door and looks out to see a ‘Full Moon’.  Kevin makes his way back to the Game Room, where OTIS Strikes again.  Kevin takes yet another wound, panicking he runs to the other end of the Game Room.  Otis stalks him down the Game room, claw raised in the air and strikes Kevin down.  Dragging his corpse into the corner of the room.

Jody makes his way towards the door of the stables where he runs into Dawn, who has an asthma condition.

Karen makes it to the Kitchen, fumbling with the lock and is able to find the battery.  Wait, that’s it, we can make it to the Ranger Tower if we can just find Kevin and get that crank back, I wonder where he is….

C.J. heads to the Campfire, where OTIS STRIKES.  Otis unleashes all hell on C.J. and buries the claw into his back, C.J. is able to get away to the dining hall, covered in blood.  Otis follows though and strikes out at C.J. again, this time finishing the job for good.

Jody makes his way to Li’l Cub Cabin where he notices a ‘Door Ajar’.

Karen makes her way into the Game Room trying to find Kevin.  What’s that in the corner ‘Oh Jesus’ she screams.  It’s Kevin.  She hears whimpering in the corner and realizes one of the campers, Don is there.  He must have witnessed everything.  She grabs the crank from Kevin’s lifeless body.

Otis makes his way towards the Game room, knowing they must have found Kevin’s body by now.  He makes it just to the end of the dining hall when he hears in the distance…

Jody making his way through a forest path into Buck Cabin, where he finds a pocket knife.  He also sets up the 8 Track Player.

Karen makes her way to Li’l Cub Cabin, where the stench was overwhelming.  She decides not to investigate the body.

Otis makes his way through the Game Room!

Jody makes it through Buck Cabin and into the Commons area.  Where he becomes lost in the woods, of all the luck, you’d think I’d know these damn trails by now.

Karen is thankful that she’s athletic as she is able to make it all the way to Beaver Cabin, where she finds a spare set of keys.  ‘Shitload of good these do me…”

Otis moves through the trails, through the toolshed and to the campfire.

Jody makes his way down into Beaver Cabin, where he frantically looks for something to help and pulls a chainsaw out from under the couch!

Karen makes her way to the Ranger Tower, hoping that Jody isn’t far behind.

Otis hears noise in Buck Cabin and heads that way to dispatch yet another counselor, he’s furious when he realizes that it’s just an 8-track player.

Jody makes his way into the Girls Shower and uses the First Aid Kid to heal his wound.

Karen is getting impatient at the Ranger tower, she freaks out when she realizes that she has lost a set of keys on the trails, it’s a good thing she picked up those spares after all.

Otis stalks his way to the Commons, tearing his way through the doors.

Jody reach the Ranger Tower.  They may just make it out alive.

Jody and Karen make their way towards the tower, they both make it to the tower!

Karen grabs the phone to call for help.  She’s able to get through! Help is on the way! OTIS STRIKES, Jody cranks the chainsaw for a battle with Otis, he is able to defeat Otis and they’re safe until Help Arrives.  Both Karen and Jody with Don and Dawn make it through a stay at Camp Grizzly.


(I may have missed some rules…but I think I’m good.  I obviously left out what the actual rolls were, but you should have been able to get the point. )


Camp Grizzly is truly an amazing experience.

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